Happy Easter Brothers!!

Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the promise of eternal life ever after. Typically part of this celebration is large religious services and family dinners. It is a time to bring everybody together to rejoice in the gifts that we have been given, and remember those who have gone before.

Unfortunately, this year is drastically different for people all around the world. Instead of congregating to raise voices in praise and adulation, we are watching our phones and celebrating virtually. Instead of large family dinners, we are having digital get togethers. The thing to remember throughout all the hardships in the world today – make the effort!

Regardless of the circumstances, it is critical that we remember our individual histories and family traditions. Many people look forward to Easter as one of the few opportunities each year to assembly with family. To laugh and love, to eat and argue, to ask why we put ourselves through this stress – and in the next breath commit to doing it all again the following year. These are the things that unite us. The things that bring meaning and purpose to our lives. As you celebrate today – remember those that you cannot be with physically. Take the time to reach out and assure them that you remember and miss them.

Our Masonic “family” is very similar to our personal family. We only get together a few times a year, and when we do, there is typically food involved. Unfortunately, there is another similarity between our Masonic and personal families – for both, it is often too easy to let the trials and tribulations of “everyday life” get in the way of being there. I wish I could say that this statement was not directed at anybody in particular – however, I do not have that luxury. Instead, I must face and live with the fact that it is directed at the reflection that I see in the mirror.

The question now becomes – how do I come back “home”? Fortunately, that answer is simple – you just do it. Not next year – not when things slow down at work – not when the season is over – do it now. Make it a priority. Get back in touch with your family.

The hardest part of any journey is the first step – be the man – be the Mason – take the first step.

Happy Easter Brothers – and Welcome Home!!