Feast of Saints John

We had a wonderful evening and celebration at the annual Feast of Saints John dinner on December 27th. We are greatly appreciative of all the brothers that came to join in the celebration with us. Special thanks to Millersville Lodge #126 and the Brothers there who regularly share this event with us.

Our guest speaker was Brother George Ingles, PM, PGM, PGM Knights Templar. Brother Ingles provided us with an enlightening look into the history of our great fraternity, and highlighted some of the significant moments where the Masons had an impact in the development of our great country.

We are especially indebted to the Ladies of our Eastern Star chapter who went above and beyond in the preparation of an excellent meal! THANK YOU for all that you do to support us – we appreciate it more than words can express.

Feast of the Holy Saints John

Oakland will be hosting the Feast of the Holy Saints John with Millersville Lodge this year.

Our guest speaker will be Past Grand Master George Ingles. Not only is he a PGM, but a Past Grand Master of the Knights Templar and PM of his lodge. He has been extremely involved in the OES and numerous youth groups.

His knowledge of Masonry is vast. This should be a truly enlightening event.

Please RSVP no later than December 21, 2019 to oaklandlodge140fam@gmail.com if you plan to attend.