Oakland #140 Newsletter Returns

Brothers, I am excited to announce that we are bringing back our newsletter. If all goes right, the first edition should be going to press very soon!!! The ultimate goal being a monthly mailing – yes, we are talking about an old fashioned paper newsletter.

In a world ruled by electronics and cyber connections, I am sure many are questioning the logic behind a paper newsletter. The straight forward answer is that there are many of our brothers that either do not have, or choose not to have, access to electronic media. Additionally, we do not have current email addresses for every member of the lodge. (I will take this time to ask you each to PLEASE update your most current contact information with the Grand Lodge of Indiana. This can be done through the portal, or by calling them directly. The Grand Lodge is now the repository for contact information. If you keep your information current there, we should be able to reach out to you.).

Every brother is important to us, and we everybody to what the operations of the Lodge are.

In addition to the mailings, we will also be providing a PDF version on this site for you to review / print.

A big THANK YOU to the committee that took this project on and pushed it through in such a timely manner. A huge shout out to Brother Derek Cheek for all of his hard work in getting this first release of the newsletter together. If you have suggestions for topics or items that you feel noteworthy, please reach out to Brother Derek Cheek at dcheek@opentext.com.