“Virtual” Lodge Get Together…

Brothers – staying connected with each other now is more important than ever. Just because we cannot assemble in our Lodge does not mean that our work need to come to a grinding halt. To this end, we are going to begin hosting bi-weekly “virtual” meetings.

Please know – this is NOT a tyled meeting! This is simply utilizing the current available technology to allow for brothers to “meet” and socialize with each other. At this time we are planning on the second Thursday and the fourth Tuesday of each month for these meetings. The start time will be at 6:30. The next “virtual” meetings will be on April 9th and April 21st.

We did our first of these last week with a small group. The purpose was to hash out some details on some of our committee work – and quite honestly – it was a great success.

To reach as many brothers as possible, the virtual meeting can be accessed through a computer connection (webcam optional – but it may slow your system down), or you can dial directly into the meeting and participate over the phone.

Think of this as the dinner before a stated meeting – but some committee work will get completed – LOL.

Speaking of committees – we realize that everybody has a busy schedule, and oftentimes finding finding time to carve out to attend a meeting is difficult. Hopefully, if we can generate sufficient interest, we can form and administer some of our committees through cyber meetings.

Brother Benjamin Franklin once stated “Out of adversity comes opportunity”. Perhaps this is our opportunity to leverage new technologies to reconnect and expand our good work.

If you are interested in attending one of these meetings, please send an email to oaklandlodge140fam@gmail.com, and I will send you a link and number for the meeting(s)